Psilocybe Tampanensis

Psilocybe Tampanensis



Buy psilocybe tampanensis | Buy psilocybe tampanensis online

Buy psilocybe tampanensis online

Psilocybe tampensis is a rare psychedelic mushroom that was originally found in Tampa, Florida. It was reported to be seen later on in Mississippi as well. The original Florida specimen has been cloned, and shroomers commonly circulate the shrooms and truffles of the offspring.

This magic shroom is capable of producing sclerotia, also commonly known as truffles. Sclerotia are actually mushrooms that grow underground and have the same psychedelic effects, because of similar levels of psychedelic compounds, psilocybin and psilocin. The truffles of P. tampanensis are also called “philosopher’s stones.”

Psilocybe tampanensis caps are usually convex with a slight nipple-like appearance in the center. The cap grows to 2.4 cm as the shroom grows. It also changes colors depending on the amount of water that it contains. Ochraceous and fresh, hydrated shrooms are ochraceous.

Psilocybe tampanensis spores

The gills have a brown to dark purple color attached to the stem, which is darker around the margins.

The Psilocybe tampanensis stem is 6 cm long and can be 1 mm to 2 mm thick with a width equal throughout. The top of the stem has fibrils with a partial, web-like veil. In this stem, a whitish to yellowish flesh is also present.

The spores of this shroom are usually purple-brown. When viewed under a microscope, you would expect them to appear rhomboid and roughly elliptical from the sides. Purchase online psilocybe tampanensis

A shroom that, when wounded, stains purple or blue is Psilocybe tampanensis. Its flavor and smell are slightly doughy.

psilocybe tampanensis mexicana | Buy psilocybe tampanensis online

In desperate environmental conditions, this unusual strain of mushroom develops sclerotia, a hard mass of tissue that grows underground and can provide nutrients to the mycelium. It helps the fungus survive wildfires and other climate disasters. Sclerotia, for truffles, is a more formal term.

The sclerotia, some shroomers claim, creates a greater psychedelic effect than the fruiting body that develops above ground. However, chemical analysis shows that they are similarly psychoactive and both contain hallucinogenic agents, psilocin, and psilocybin.

Because of the legal status of magic shrooms, magic truffles are favored for sale, transport, and cultivation in some nations. One example is the Netherlands, where magical shrooms are banned, but a legal loophole makes magic truffles possible.

Online stores such as Truffle Magic sell truffles from Psilocybe tampanensis that have the street name “Philosopher’s Stones”.

The Philosopher’s Stones of Truffle Magic include a deep journey, near to a trip.


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