Ecuadorian Mushrooms

Ecuadorian Mushrooms


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Ecuadorian Mushroom Review

The Ecuadorian psilocybe cubensis, the Ecuadorian magic mushroom, is one of the most common strains. It’s a mountain variety that produces large shrooms, even under extreme circumstances. It is one of the largest and most potent cubensis strains due to the adequate length of the hybrid strain. The Ecuadorian strain of Cubensis mushroom is also renowned for giving its consumers both speedy results and a relaxed mind.


Furthermore, this is a lovely fruit, perfect for novices. Psilocin and psilocybin are the principal active properties of the shroom. It is a hybrid that is easy to grow and widely distributed. With dense flushes, the hybrid package also produces shrooms. The psychedelic mushroom is known for its influence on modern culture. It has, however, been around for over 25 years.

Ecuadorian Magic Mushrooms Description

These mushrooms, a dung-loving species, are particularly fond of nutrient-rich areas, often where livestock graze. Recognizing a Hawaiian is relatively easy. Its cap is about 4 cm high, with a smooth surface which often cracks during dry weather. The cap is often thin, bell-shaped to convex, and may be wavy at times. Moreover, when young, after reaching maturity, it is light brown and becomes greyish.


The gills, attached to the stem, are closely packed and turn gray as spores grow. The stem, with bruises, is about 12 cm thick , long, slender, and blue or pale yellow. The stem stains blue as well when bruised. In comparison, the spores are dark purple or black. Its taste and odor are both floury and starch-like.

Ecuadorian Shroom Grow Information

Ecuadorian Mushroom

The Ecuadorian shrooms from the Ecuador Mountains are among the sought-after cubensis. The strain can also do well with less favorable conditions, making it a top choice for novice growers. It comes from an environment where conditions are difficult. No wonder it’s resistant to this strain. It is also thought that the outcross, the Golden Tutor and cubensis, is a descendant of Albino A+.


You can easily identify the mystical shrooms of Ecuador due to their special features. It has long, thick and meaty stems with big caramel caps. According to mushroom enthusiasts, this variety provides a dreamy, calming and active visual experience. Furthermore, it’s pressure with a long and thrilling past. Today, the magic mushroom is still used in ritual rituals by most local healers and shamans.


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